99 Days

Posted: Jul 26, 2010 11:09 AM
"Come November, we win, they lose."

There are 99 days left until November 2, and Chairman Michael Steele is getting ready to arm campaigns with the tools they need to win.

Steele has launched "Victory Centers" around the country with a goal of bringing in volunteers to help get out the vote. On his blog, he credits the success of 2009 gubanatorial campaigns in New Jersey and Virginia to volunteer efforts.

It should be noted that those races produced two real GOP leaders: ChrisChristie and Bob McDonnell.

Christie is currently taking on the unions in an effort to cut goverment spending in his state, and McDonnell announced two weeks ago that Virginia now has a budget surplus, which was achieved without raising taxes. Both have followed through on campaign promises to cut spending and reduce state budget deficits. Come November,  victorious GOP candidates would be smart to follow their lead.

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