From the Border

Posted: Mar 30, 2010 1:07 PM
As many believe President Obama's next venture is immigration reform, border security is sure to come up in the debate. 

The death of longtime Arizona rancher Robert Krentz last weekend proves many things. Authorities suspect Krentz was killed by an illegal immigrant passing through his land which is less than 40 miles away from the U.S.-Mexico Border just north of Douglas. 

Many argue that illegal immigrants coming from Mexico simply just want an honest job....yet authorities found nearly 300 pounds of marijuana on Krentz's property. His wife had written letters to Congress starting in 2007 expressing concern over damages to their property and the threat to their lives. Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever believes the individual responsible for the death of Robert Krentz escaped to Mexico, in other words, just walked right back over. Thank you Janet Napolitano for canceling the construction for our virtual border fence. 

The bottom line is illegal immigrants smuggling drugs have no respect for our laws, the personal property of American citizens living near the border, and in this case, no respect for human life. 

Southern Arizona is known as ranching country, and it is the federal government's responsibility to protect the Americans living and working near the border from dangerous drug smuggling activities. The issue of border security has been put on the back burner for way too long, leading to the mess on the border today starting in California and reaching all the way to Texas. 

Another question surfaces in light of this tragedy:

Can United States Citizens living or visiting areas along our southern border feel safe? What about those who enjoy camping, hiking, paragliding, scenic drives, etc? These are activities places like Arizona are famous for, and the reason people come to the state.  I was camping when five border patrol trucks rolled through asking me if I had seen any illegal immigrants because they were looking for a group of 50-80 of them.

This Arizona girls says: not so much.