The Liberal Media Gears Up to Attack Bachmann's Religion

Posted: Jul 01, 2011 9:27 AM
The large GOP field has sparked a predictable smear campaign among the media. Sometimes these tactics are helpful when weeding out the RUGs (Rich Ugly Guys) from the GOPs.

Tim Pawlenty is too boring, Mitt Romney is the baby daddy of Obama care, and Newt Gingrich took one too many vacations. We’ve all heard these claims and some of them spring from legitimate points and concerns. And yet some of the attacks are illegitimate and unwarranted.

Matt Taibbi recently wrote a feature on GOP candidate Michele Bachmann for Rolling Stone. In it he construes her to be a bible thumping bimbo. The article implies that having strong Christian beliefs debilitates Bachmann’s place in politics and especially in the presidential field. Taibbi’s tone throughout the whole article is one of bitterness and disdain for Bachmann’s Christian beliefs and ideals. At some points it is hard to tell whether he is attacking Bachmann or all Christians.

Bachmann is a religious zealot whose brain is a raging electrical storm of divine visions and paranoid delusions… Bachmann's entire political career has followed this exact same pattern of God-speaks-directly-to-me fundamentalism mixed with pathological, relentless, conscienceless lying.
This mockery of Bachmann’s Christian faith demonstrates the main stream media's distain for politicians with firm religious convictions. The media tries to distort those with religious backgrounds, making it seem as though it is a bad thing to be guided by a moral code.