Awkward: Newt's Check for Utah Ballot Bounced

Posted: Apr 10, 2012 7:56 PM

Uh oh: self-proclaimed "last conservative standing" in the GOP primary, Newt Gingrich, seems to be in a financial pickle. His $500 check to get on the Utah ballot has bounced.

Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas said a designated agent for the Gingrich campaign brought the filing papers and a check for $500 in March, but the state was notified by the bank that the check had bounced. He said the office has tried to contact the Gingrich campaign through the telephone number and email provided on the application, but has not received a response.

Recently, the state sent a certified letter to the campaign, stating that if the fee isn’t paid by April 20, Gingrich will be disqualified and will not be on the ballot.

Sounds like someone's campaign coffers are a wee bit bare, no? To be fair, Mitt Romney is considered a favorite son in Utah, so this isn't exactly a state where Newt was slated to run away with delegates. Still, though, it hurts the image that he can hold out until Tampa, as he's promised.

Maybe he can pawn some of Callista's Tiffany jewelry to cover the cost? Heh. Sorry.