Hysteria: Cupcake Deemed National Security Threat

Posted: Dec 23, 2011 4:35 PM

Traveling this Christmas? Beware the latest threat to your airtravel wellbeing -- nay, threat to our national security: cupcakes.

Rebecca Hains says she was going through security at the airport in Las Vegas when a TSA agent pulled her aside and said the cupcake frosting was “gel-like” enough to constitute a security risk.

She said she was able to pass through Logan International Airport security with two cupcakes, but she was stopped on the way back when she tried to return with one of them.

"In general, cakes and pies are allowed in carry-on luggage," said TSA spokesperson James Fotenos, adding they were looking into why this cupcake was confiscated.

While there is surely a heightened security threat at this time of year, when the high volume of traffic in all facets of travel attracts potential acts of terrorism, cupcake frosting does seem a little...extreme. Common sense might suggest that a cupcake poses little -- OK, no -- danger to civillians. But who knows: perhaps the TSA has stopped a dastardly Christmas cupcake bombing plot.

Either way, perhaps finish those treats before you travel.