Occupy Idiocy: DC's Group Occupies the Evening Commute

Posted: Nov 18, 2011 4:30 PM

Occupy DC, congratulations. You have set a new standard as the world's stupid social movement.

Today, you're going to "Occupy Evening Rush Hour," flooding the city's Metro system and reading stories about how Wall Street prevented you from finding a job in your collegiate major or paying off your student loans.

When you pile onto the train at McPherson Square at 5:15, you will be interrupting my evening commute, and those of a host of other diligent workers in the Washington, DC area.

And newsflash: we are the supposed "99%," too. By doing this, you're not making any friends.

Besides, you're tipping your hand and showing us all how near-sighted you really are. The lobbyists, members of Congress, or whatever "fat cats" you have in your crosshairs tonight will be driving home, in their cars, not listening to you, while you inconvenience those middle class individuals you purport to represent. If you could see an inch past your own noses, you'd realize that you're doing it wrong.

Once again, you're proving that your protest does not align with my values and concerns. All you have done is stink up my city -- McPherson Square smells to heaven of body odor, garbage, and pot -- and now, you are in my way.

It's Friday. I've spent a long week working hard, and I'm looking forward to seeing friends for dinner tonight before I spend my weekend working as well. If I see you on the Metro, I'll admit, I'm not going to make a fuss over you. I'll roll my eyes, plug my nose, and turn my iPod up a little louder, as I suspect my fellow commuters will, too.

But while you're patting your own self-righteous backs for bringing your message of entitlement and mediocrity to our attention, know this: We do not side with you. We do not support you. You are in our way. It's time to go home.