North Korea Warns of Attack: "Precision Strikes From the Air, Ground, and Sea"

Posted: Mar 14, 2017 10:30 AM

North Korea continued to threaten the United States and its allies on Tuesday, as Kim Jong-Un vowed to unleash a “merciless” attack on America if joint military exercises with South Korea continue.

In a statement released through the KCNA state media, the dictator said he would attack his Western enemies from “ground, air, sea and underwater.” 

“On March 11 alone, many enemy carrier-based aircraft flew along a course near territorial air and waters of the DPRK to stage drills of dropping bombs and making surprise attacks on the ground targets of its army," the propaganda press agency said.

U.S. and Japanese forces agreed on Monday to hold a massive naval exercise in the region this summer, according to CNN.  Japan's largest warship, the Izumo helicopter carrier, will set sail to train with naval ships from the United States and India, a rare show of naval force from Japan amid growing tensions.

Earlier this month, North Korea launched four more ballistic missiles, three of which fell into Japan's exclusive economic zone after flying around 620 miles.

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