Democrats Given One Simple Rule During President Trump's Speech

Posted: Feb 28, 2017 1:30 PM

Democratic leaders have given their colleagues in the House and Senate one simple job Tuesday night when President Donald Trump gives his address to Congress.

“The only thing we have urged members to be is respectful," Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer said. 

“Maxine Waters (D-CA), as you know is not going. She’s announced she’s not going … because she believes people ought to be respectful to the president of the United States and she’s not sure she could be, so she’s not going to go.”

Waters did not attend President Trump's inauguration in January and called his entire cabinet "a bunch of scumbags."

“I just think the American people have better understand what’s going on,” she said during an interview with MSNBC.  "This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are. Who are all organized around making money.”

Some of those "scumbags" include retired Marine Corps. Generals James Mattis and John Kelly.

However, to protest the administration, several Democrats are bringing illegal immigrants as their guests to the speech.

Cortney also reported that one Democrat from New York will be not be shaking the president's hand.

"I will listen to what he has to say today but I will not greet him and shake his hand," Rep. Eliot Engel said.