Social Media Outlets, LinkedIn, and Georgetown Helping Obama Staffers Get Jobs

Posted: Nov 16, 2016 2:30 PM

The love fest between mainstream social media outlets and the Obama Administration just became even more noticeable.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Georgetown are assuring that White House staffers find jobs after Barack Obama leaves office, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

According to the report, Facebook and Instagram leaders are advising staffers on the current job market, while LinkedIn officials are helping with resumes and marketing their skills to major media organizations. Georgetown University is offering a career development program called “Future44,” named after Obama’s service as the 44th president. The program has hosted 271 White House staffers so far.
"We designed this unique curriculum to help these staffers think through how to market themselves or market their competencies," Kelly Otter, dean of Georgetown's School of Continuing Studies said.

“The transition out of government is a reality for most appointees, which brings both excitement about prospects for the next chapter or a long-awaited chance to recharge batteries, and a keen awareness about a big, impending change,” White House spokeswoman Jennifer Friedman said.