Trump: "Clinton Will be the First Presidential Nominee Under Criminal Investigation"

Posted: Jun 10, 2016 2:15 PM

Washington, D.C.- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke on Friday at the Faith and Freedom Conference and highlighted many of the wrongdoings of Hillary Clinton and reminded the audience of his future plans for America.

"Radical Islamic terrorism is taking over and we cannot let that happen... If we're smart and we're tough, we won't let that happen," he said.  "Hillary Clinton wants a 500 percent increase in Syrian refugees."

"If I win, we're going to bring our country together," he said before listing some major moves he would be making during his presidency.

Appointing judges who uphold our laws, protecting the Constitution, and protecting the rights of all Americans were some of his main points.

At one point during his brief speech, several protesters emerged from the crowd to disrupt the conference.

He hit the Obama administration by saying that the secretary of state "is the worst deal maker."

He said Clinton would only "appoint radical judges, keep Obamacare in place, restrict religious freedom with government mandates, create poverty and income insecurity, trap kids in failing schools, and raise taxes big league... she will be the first presidential nominee under criminal investigation."

"Democrats run inner cities, and they've failed in almost every community," he said.

He finished by telling the audience that he will be working for the American people.  "I just spent 55 million running and I will be working for you," he said.  "I want to give back to our country."