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New Special Forces Series "Live to Tell" Premieres Sunday Night

“Live to Tell,” a new documentary airing this Sunday at 10/9c on the History Channel, gives viewers a unique look into some of the most intense gunfights throughout the span of the War on Terrorism and the Iraq War. 


The History Channel has teamed up with Peter Berg, director of the 2013 film “Lone Survivor” and his non-scripted group Film 45, to give viewers a rare look into the US Special Forces.  The eight-episode docu-series that premieres Sunday night tells the firsthand account of those engaged in the modern battleground through interviews and cinematic re-creations.

Since 2001, Rangers, Marine Recon, Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and all other special forces units have been spearheading the fight against some of the worst terror groups throughout the world.

The viewer will learn how the missions come together, the struggles, success, and what it means to be an American hero.   

Before the success of “Lone Survivor,” Peter Berg spent time with a SEAL team in Iraq near Syria’s border.   

"It really helped me get ready to write the screenplay," said Berg about preparing for Marcus Luttrell’s memoir. "These are really funny guys who love to joke. They are in love with their jobs and with each other and very clear-eyed about their jobs and their mission. I've never met guys more focused on doing their jobs as best as they could."

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive information on “Live to Tell.”


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