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Project Veritas Donor Named in Complaint Against James O'Keefe Speaks Out

A major donor to Project Veritas released a video responding to allegations that were made against James O'Keefe, which resulted in him being put on paid leave, to say the claims made on her behalf were false.


Dianna Remmers made the video responding to the allegations while vacationing in Mexico with her husband. The complaint was part of a long list of alleged misconduct by O'Keefe that was presented to the Project Veritas board of directors. 

The complaint involving Remmers and her husband claimed O'Keefe rudely asked for $75,000 on the spot during a meeting and refused to take a picture with Remmers at an event, where she was "humiliated to the point of tears." The author of the complaint said they were worried O'Keefe's behavior was going to turn them off from being donors to Project Veritas.

Remmers says O'Keefe did initially turned down her request to take a picture, but only because he was being swamped with people at the event and he did take a picture with her shortly thereafter.

"Actually after that, we had a great conversation. We've become great friends and I've had events for him, one in Beverly Hills. He's been a personal guest of mine at Mar-a-Lago...I am going to continue to support him and I'm really disappointed in the petty allegations towards him. They are completely false and ridiculous," Remmers explained.

"I will continue supporting James as long as he's with Project Veritas because without James, Project Veritas is nothing. So that's all I have to say. Just wanted to set the record straight," she added.


Project Veritas has been heavily criticized for the way they have handled the anonymous allegations against O'Keefe as many say it looks like a thin excuse to expel him from the company. 

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