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Tucker Carlson Criticized Crenshaw for Using 'Terrorists' Label — Crenshaw Responds

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Fox News host Tucker Carlson rebuked Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) for labeling the Republicans who are refusing to vote for Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for Speaker of the House as "terrorists" and enemies of the state.


"It's hard not to see the connection cause over the past few years pretty much every part of the War on Terror has been turned against the domestic political enemies of the neocons. So now they're just coming out and tell you what they told you about Iraq, 'Either you're with us or against us, you're on the side of light or darkness, you're good or evil,'" Carlson said.

"Dan Crenshaw went all the way, as neocons always do. He proceeded to go to CNN to call his political opponents enemies of the state," he added.

A clip from American Firebrand, a conservative PAC, of Carlson's remarks caught Crenshaw's eye and he responded with, "Unclutch your pearls. It’s a figure of speech. You can’t insult, slander, and hold everyone hostage with no way out - and not expect me to punch back."


Crenshaw continued to double down on calling the anti-McCarthy bloc terrorists on Wednesday, insisting it was a figure of speech.

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