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MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted on Monday about Fox News' continuous coverage of the crime wave that has washed over the nation's cities, claiming it was racist because many of the suspects in the brazen crimes are black. 


"Cannot overstate the degree to which gruesome surveillance footage of black people committing violent crimes has become the quasi-permanent wallpaper on Fox these days. Just over and over and over..." Hayes tweeted, then posting some examples of Fox News reporting on crime.

Hayes' tweet is the prime example of liberals and progressives wanting to ignore reality on the ground because it doesn't fit the narrative they want to push. The fact of the matter is violent crime is on the rise and its black and brown people who are suffering the most from it. The problem has been made worse in the aftermath of the 2020 BLM and Antifa riots. Now, law and order has had a slow decline because soft-on-crime policies were implemented in the name of equity.

It's a sad reality I have witnessed firsthand from my time covering the crime crisis in different cities across the country. People like Chris could care less about the minorities becoming victims because to notice the problem is to commit a racism. 

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