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CNN Contributor Comes Up with an Eye-Roll of an Excuse for Stacey Abrams' Mask Hypocrisy

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File

CNN contributor Bakari Sellers tried to play damage control for Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial campaign after she posed for a photo maskless while the school children around her still wore masks despite being at low risk for COVID-19.

The Twitter account that posted the original photo was deleted and Abrams' tweet showing support for the photo was also deleted.

"To me, it seems like a clear and obvious mistake but one that, you know, is ripe for Fox News segment for the next six months to play on a loop. It's evidenced by the fact she took the tweet down — the photo down. I think she recognized that it’s an unhelpful image. But it seems, you know, like it was an honest mistake," PBS' Margaret Hoover said.

“I mean in politics is it unhelpful? The answer is yes because now we are talking about it on CNN. Trust me, they are going to be talking about it on Fox News all week long. And so it definitely ain't helpful. The people though who are outraged not going to vote for Stacey Abrams anyway," Sellers said.

"From a public health perspective or from just a pure perspective did she make a mistake? If my kid was in the classroom, would I be outraged? The answer is definitely not. Stacey Abrams is not trying to harm children, she was not flaunting regulations purposefully," he continued. "She took a picture with her mask off when everyone else had their mask on. So there is not an issue there. But politically she probably wants the day back, because now she is going to lose a week or two having to deal with this issue which is, for the most part, a nonissue."

It's yet another example of how liberals are fine with the supposed holy public health rules being broken by their side because at least they are more scared of COVID than Republicans.


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