WATCH: Antifa Thugs Harass Elderly Women While Attacking Portland Police Station

Posted: Aug 07, 2020 10:45 AM

Antifa rioters continued their criminal activities on Thursday evening as they are targeting the Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct now that they are done attacking the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

While the courthouse has experienced calm nights since the Oregon State Police have taken over security for the federal property, rioters and protesters have gone out to the city's eastern side, which includes more residential areas.

While rioters were attacking the East Precinct, two elderly women tried to get the crowd to stop. One woman had paint dumped on her head. Another woman, who was using a walker and holding a BLM sign, was stopped from putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher.

In a press release, Portland Police said its officers were hit with projectiles as they moved in to disperse the crowd:

"At 9:46 p.m., Portland Police began making public address announcements, informing the crowd not to attempt to break into East Precinct or burn the building.

"Soon after the announcement was made, members of the group began to spray paint and dismantle the surveillance cameras on the front doors of East Precinct. One member of the group was successful in dismantling the surveillance camera. Several members of the group were spotted with cans of paint which were thrown towards East Precinct."


"Large rebar ties were thrown into the street with the intention of popping police vehicle tires. Several police vehicles ran over these ties which caused damage to tires."

The Portland Tribune reports multiple arrests were made on Thursday night after Portland Police declared the gathering a riot. Rioters made barricades to block exits of the East Precinct and tried to set the building on fire Wednesday night.