Law and Order: Seattle Police Finally Take Back Area Around East Precinct From Occupiers

Posted: Jul 01, 2020 10:10 AM

The Seattle Police Department was finally allowed to return to the area around the East Precinct and push out the occupiers from the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest," formerly known as the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" early Wednesday morning.

Mayor Jenny Durkan issued the executive order following multiple shootings inside and near the CHOP, which included the death of a 16-year-old.

Occupiers tried and failed to prevent Seattle police from moving in and taking over the area:

The Seattle Police Department said their officers were in riot gear because "individuals associated w/the CHOP are known to be armed and dangerous/may be associated with shootings, homicides, robberies, assaults &other violent crimes."

Shortly after the formation of the CHOP, when officers were ordered to leave the East Precinct following days of clashes with rioters, President Trump tweeted how the Seattle city government needed to take back control of the area. In response, Durkan said her city was "fine."

From my time in the CHAZ/CHOP, I knew it would degrade and it was only a matter of time before the situation got really dangerous. It's why I knew the media would trip over themselves by just trying to portray the zone as a block party. While things were peaceful some of the time, there were plenty of other instances, particularly at night, where fights broke out and other crimes were committed.