People with American Flags Attacked After Entering Seattle's 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone'

Posted: Jun 14, 2020 9:00 AM

Seattle, Wash. — Some people carrying American flags were attacked shortly after entering Seattle's "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," which is now starting to be called the "Capitol Hill Occupy Protest" or "Capitol Hill Organized Protest."

When asked if they were affiliated with any group, the American flag-carrying cadre said they were simply Americans who wanted to peacefully talk with people inside the zone.

The flag-carrying group received a cold welcome before they entered the zone, with some telling them to "go home" and that they were not welcome inside. When they reached the border of the zone, some in the crowd tried to tell others to not give them attention.

After standing outside one of the barriers for a few minutes, the small group entered the zone. They were continually shouted at by people in the zone, but were largely untouched until they got closer to the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building.

As one woman was talking with some protesters, one person ran up and stole the American flag she was carrying. It was then decided to turn and try to exit the zone. As they tried to leave, a drink was poured on them.

The crowd in the zone accused the American flag carriers of being white supremacists. They continued to be harassed, with one unsuccessful attempt to steal the last American flag, as they eventually left the area entirely.

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