Burgess Owens Goes Off On 'Bullies' Criticizing Drew Brees for Not Supporting Protests During the National Anthem

Posted: Jun 05, 2020 12:00 PM

Former Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens came to the defense of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Thursday following intense criticism after he said he does not support protesting during the national anthem.

Brees has since offered two apologies for his words. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Brees was "basically forced to apologize for the crime of loving the flag and his country. But bowing to the mob never worked. Never does, which is why you should never do it."

"My impression is that Drew Brees is a pretty sincere and decent man. Why are they attacking him?" Carlson asked.

"Well he is a good man, and he gives back to his community. And I will say this. What you’re seeing here is exactly why President Trump will be elected once again...Americans don’t like bullies. They don’t like people who demand that we disrespect our flag in our country. I think what Drew did, he was spot on. His first statement was so spot on. I'm disappointed of course he retracted that," Owens said.

"Every one of us have a certain part to play and Drew's part right now is to make sure he does what he can to unify that part of the country, those who understand who he is, they know he’s not a racist and at the same time, I will call these people out for who they are. They're bullies, they're cowards, and Marxists, period. I’m one of those guys that will never, ever apologize for pride in my country, and I’ll say another thing. I will always say all lives matter. I don’t care what the bullies say," he added.

"If they can make you disavow your country, will they make you denounce your spouse, your parents, your children? Serious, don’t go along with it," Carlson said after Owens concluded.