New Order for the Citizens of Los Angeles: Face Coverings Are Required When Leaving the Home

Posted: May 13, 2020 10:45 PM
New Order for the Citizens of Los Angeles: Face Coverings Are Required When Leaving the Home

Source: Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti via AP

Los Angeles, Calif. — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced during his press conference on Wednesday that everyone who leaves their place of residence is required to wear a face covering.

The announcement was among a clarification on the city's "stay-at-home" order being extended for another month, with Garcetti saying the order will be adjusted as the city makes progress against cases of the Wuhan coronavirus.

"We're were requiring all Angelenos, expect for small children or those with disabilities that might be harmed by a face mask, to wear a face-covering when they are near others who do not live in your household. Simply put, bring your mask with you whenever you leave your home," Garcetti said. "As long as you're not doing a solitary activity or with your own household, put that mask on, always now and that is a requirement."

Garcetti said with everyone having masks on, it will help the city get more "freedom" and help open up other parts of the city and economy while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Garcetti also announced all retail stores will be allowed to open and offer curbside and doorside pickup and delivery services.

Those wanting to go to a salon or to get a haircut will have to wait a little bit longer, Garcetti said. Letting barbershops and salons reopen is in stage three of the city's plan.

Beaches in the Los Angeles County were reopened on Wednesday, but there are many restrictions in place. While walking and running is allowed, bike riding is not, while "ocean activities" such as swimming and surfboarding is allowed.

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