Jim Jordan Tells Jerry Nadler After More FISA Abuses Are Uncovered: Let IG Michael Horowitz Testify

Posted: Apr 01, 2020 10:40 AM
Jim Jordan Tells Jerry Nadler After More FISA Abuses Are Uncovered: Let IG Michael Horowitz Testify

Source: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the new ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, wrote to Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to tell him Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz must testify about findings of even more abuses by the FBI in the FISA application process.

Jordan's letter, obtained by Townhall, was sent to Nadler on Tuesday and stated how the FBI's misconduct in the FISA application process went beyond their surveilling of former 2016 Trump campaign official Carter Page.

"Because of the pervasiveness and seriousness of the FISA application deficiencies — and the pending reauthorization of FISA — we renew our request that you invite Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify at a public hearing promptly when the House returns to session.

"The OIG management advisory warned FBI Director Christopher Wary of rampant noncompliance with Woods Procedures, which is a safeguard designed to minimize factual inaccuracies in the FISA applications by maintaining supporting documentation for each factual assertion in the application. The OIG wrote that it 'do[es[ not have confidence that the FBI has executed its Woods Procedures in compliance with FBI policy, or that the process is working as it was intended to help achieve the 'scrupulously accurate' standard for FISA application. 

"Specifically, the OIG the OIG found unsupported, uncorroborated, or inconsistent information in the Woods Files of all 25 surveillance applications the U.S. Persons that the OIG reviewed. The FBI was unable to even locate the Woods Files for four additional files that OIG had requested — meaning the OIG could not review those applications."

Jordan goes on to add the OIG findings undercut previous statements by FBI leadership about the solidness of the FISA application system, such as former FBI Director James Comey and current Director Christopher Wray.

"We have urged you in the past to invite Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify about the FBI's FISA process. You have so far declined to do so. In light of OIG's management advisory, we hope you reconsider," Jordan told Nadler.

In a previous interview with Townhall, Jordan said the FISA abuses are very concerning because if the FBI can improperly surveil a presidential candidate's campaign, "imagine what they can do to us regular folks."