Swing and a Miss: Bernie Sanders Tries and Fails to Diss Trump and Fox News

Posted: Mar 10, 2020 12:00 PM

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) tried to get a jab in at President Trump and Fox News during his town hall with the network. Sanders joked how Trump was probably watching his event, when in fact Trump was hosting a press conference about the coronavirus. 

Sanders was asked by an audience member how he would get his policies through as president despite many in Washington, D.C., including Democrats, view him as being too far to the left.

"That's one of things that bothers me and I hear it every day on the media and for my opponents, 'Bernie is an extremist, Bernie is too radical.' Okay, let’s deal with it. Is raising a starvation minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which is not been raised in ten years, to $15 an hour, a living wage, a radical idea? Is making the public colleges and universities tuition free so that all of our people have the opportunity to get a higher education in a competitive global economy, is that a radical idea?" he asked.

"And last point, Donald Trump, I know he's on the network a whole lot. Donald you’re probably watching, how are you? Wanted to say hello to the president," he joked.

"He's actually having a news conference," anchor Bret Bair said.

"I'm sure he's watching Fox on the side. He's addicted to your station," Sanders replied.

During the press conference at the White House, Trump announced he is working with Congress on measures to mitigate the economic damage that could be caused by the Wuhan virus.

"We just attended a very important task force meeting on the virus that everybody is talking about all over the world, no matter where they go that's what's on people's minds. We are going to take care of and have been taking care of the American public and the American economy. We are going to be asking tomorrow, we are seeing the Senate, we're going to be meeting with House Republicans, Mitch McConnell, everybody and discussing a possible payroll tax cut or relieve, substantial relief, very substantial relief, it's a big number," Trump said.