Rudy Giuliani Says Impeachment Inquiry Is Worse than Salem Witch Trials: 'They Had More Rights'

Posted: Oct 09, 2019 10:20 AM

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, said the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry is worse than the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts because at least those accused "had more rights" than what Democrats are affording Trump.

Giuliani spoke to Laura Ingraham on Tuesday about the White House letter telling House Democrats they will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry because Democrats "have flouted the Constitution and all past bipartisan precedent." 

"Of course due process is necessary, fairness, let’s call it basic fairness. The American people, when they think about this are going to be totally outraged, they actually want to impeach him on the testimony of hidden witnesses who will be behind a curtain. We don't know who they are. I went back to read two books about the Salem witch trials," said the former New York City mayor.

Giuliani asserted the accused witches "had more rights" in their trials because "they required witnesses to face the witch and some witches were acquitted — it’s ridiculous. You got to go back before the Magna Carta. The only place I think where we had trials like this is the Soviet Union."

Giuliani further called the impeachment inquiry "so stupid, it’s neanderthal."

House Democrats are considering taking extra steps to hide the whistleblower's identify in order to secure their testimony. Ideas being floated around include having them testify from a remote location via video and obscuring their appearance and voice, having them sit behind a screen, or conducting an audio-only testimony.

“Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are hell-bent on conducting their impeachment inquiry behind closed doors. Taxpayers deserve transparency throughout the impeachment process," a congressional official who is working on the impeachment inquiry told Townhall. "It’s only fair that President Trump and the American people get to face the President’s accuser."