Huntsman Campaign Manager Wiles Resigns

Posted: Jul 21, 2011 4:22 PM

There is breaking news on the Huntsman campaign front as campaign manager Susie Wiles has resigned:

The campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman resigned Thursday, the Huntsman campaign confirmed to CNN.

Susie Wiles will be replaced by communications director Matt David, according to a statement. The former Utah governor will announce the changes to his staff Thursday.

"Susie has served the campaign well and was vital in getting it off the ground in such a short time-frame," Senior Campaign Adviser John Weaver said in a statement. "Now the campaign is moving into phase two which will be more aggressive from a messaging and tactical standpoint and Matt is prepared to take that on."

Huntsman, who has been polling very poorly as of late, needs to reorganize and refocus his campaign if he looks to keep his presidential hopes alive.