Not all celebrities are created equally...

Posted: Oct 02, 2009 7:00 AM

Now that a major media discussion has begun about the crime that film director Roman Polanski was accused of over thirty years ago, it seems that some celebrities and others are stepping up against the idea that Polanski should be freed. recently featured an article about the backlash against Polanski backers. That article quoted a tweet from actress Kirstie Alley who wrote the following: "JUST FOR THE RECORD....RAPE IS RAPE...this is one HOLLYWOOD STAR who does not CELEBRATE or DEFEND Roman Polanski..his ART did not RAPE her." Going against other Hollywood stars, Alley stood out as someone who does not support the accused rapist. 

I only wish that more celebrities would come out and state their opinion about this subject. With the high-profile endorsements of Polanski's release, it would be satisfying to see other famous directors and actors and actresses stating that they disagree with their colleagues and do not believe that Polanski should be released.

The article also noted that other former critics of Polanski's arrest have backtracked. The article ended by stating that "On Wednesday, the BBC reported that the French government had dropped its public support for the release of Polanski stating that the director 'is neither above nor beneath the law.'" I only wish that more celebrities felt the same way and were willing to make their views known so that people know that not all of Hollywood is advocating for the release of this controversial director.