An Appetite for Earmarks

Posted: Sep 18, 2008 10:05 AM
You would think that Senator Ted Steven’s (R-AK) legal battle would be the sole occupant of his time, but according to an article in The Hill yesterday, it seems that his insatiable appetite for earmarks hasn’t been abated one bit. 

According to the article, Stevens has managed garner more than $200 million in Senate’s version of the Defense Appropriations bill.  The Senate appropriator’s recently disclosed that they intend to include more than $3 billion in project requests that the Pentagon has not requested.

Because of Senator Steven’s indictment and its alleged link to earmarks, you would think that the leadership on Capitol Hill would take a second look at earmarks, but unfortunately this article serves as evidence that it is business as usual in the appropriations committees, and the taxpayer is at the short end of the deal.