Can't Get Your Congressman To A Town Hall Meeting? Get A Mannequin.

Posted: Jun 18, 2010 1:09 PM
If you haven't seen Donald Lambro's column on Democrats avoiding town hall meetings this summer, it's well worth a read. Democrats have been shying away from the events to avoid the rowdy constituents in their hometowns, who are rightfully incensed about nationalized health care, cap-and-trade votes, and bailouts.

My story today on Rep. Bobby Bright, a Democrat from Alabama, highlights one approach those constituents could take when confronted with shameless legislators. Bright refused to hold any meetings last August, so tea partiers got a mannequin, dressed it up as their Congressman, and held their own town hall meeting right on the steps of their state capitol. It probably got the message across to Bright just as much as any in-person confrontation would have.