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Reader Comments

There have been some heated reader comments this morning, and I’d like to highlight three of them. Commenters DG, Phylo Se Fiser, and Dean all respond to “Deficit Is Multiplied By Four

Article could be phrased better.
Deficit for April 2010 was $82,689,000,000.
Deficit for April 2009 was $20,907,000,000.

The single month deficit was about 4 times higher.The word "cummulative" should not have been used. Fiscal year-to-date for 2010 was $799,677,000,000 (7 months). Fiscal year-to-date for 2009 was $802,298,000 (7 months).

…The month of April is typically a surplus month, and is notaeworthy that it had such a large deficit.
Phylo Se Fiser:
This story is a lie. You can spin numbers to make them say pretty much whatever you want. Some of you will believe right wing pundits. But since I don't trust those people on anything, I go to a more legitimate source for information about the budget: The Congressional Budget office. Here is were you can read their blog about the budget from May 2010:

The numbers they are talking about have ZERO relationship to the headline of this story. I mean ZERO! Go look for yourself. They say the budget deficit is about 3% higher than last year. Why anyone would trust a right wing source for information on anything anymore is a mystery to me.
The only way to effectively destroy our economic might, and ability to grow and prosper---and create secure environments for the people of America, and thus, the world, is to CRIPPLE our own economic power!!

This band of usurping anti-American, anti-Christian Marxists is well on their way to DESTROYING America.

Anyone that does not see and agree is at best blinded, and at worst partaker of their evil.

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