No CBO Score Last Night; Vote Delayed Again, Possibly Until Sunday

Posted: Mar 18, 2010 8:36 AM
Democratic leaders are holding out for the Congressional Budget Office score that is expected to be released today, opening up the 72-hour window before a vote can take place on the health care bill. The CBO sore didn't come out last night, throwing a wrench in Pelosi's planned Saturday vote. Now, the earliest a vote will come is Sunday — if everything works out as planned. Don't hold your breath on that one.

At 9am, the House and Senate GOP will meet to discuss strategy on the bill. I hope they're cooking up new procedural tricks, but in reality, they're probably just meeting to discuss new and inventive ways to say how terrible it is. Which is fine, as well.

Meanwhile, Ezra Klein gives us a dose of what the Dems are thinking right now:
They are scaring the bejesus out of their constituents and assuring that even if the legislation does pass, a substantial fraction of the country will think tyranny has come to America. That tyranny, as the Republicans know, is in the form of majority votes that accord with the rules of Congress. But they will happily destroy this Congress in order to secure a slightly better shot at controlling it.
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