Nigerian Aboard Same Delta Flight On Sunday Stays In Bathroom Too Long, Raises Suspicions

Posted: Dec 28, 2009 9:25 AM
Jittery nerves led to a false alarm on Sunday, when another Nigerian aboard the same Delta-Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit stayed in the bathroom for twenty minutes during the last hour of the flight, after crew members had instructed passengers to remain seated. He was apparently suffering from a bad case of nausea, and refused to open the bathroom door when crew members repeatedly knocked.

Here's the group think that allowed the passengers to stay calm:
Passengers apparently saw no cause for concern until the man got up to go to the bathroom after crew members told passengers to stay in their seats for the last hour of the flight. Witnesses said people seemed more concerned that somebody was defying crew orders, not that the man seemed suspicious.
Passengers were evacuated after the plan touched down, but FBI officials quickly ruled out any possibility of foul play.

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