Planted Questions, Chummy Press...You've Got An Obama Show

Posted: Jun 24, 2009 3:53 PM
Dana Milbank points out that Obama took a question from HuffPo blogger Nico Pitney yesterday during the press briefing on Iran. But the way Obama took the question indicates a level of cronyism nastily reminiscent of the corrupt Iranian regime.

"I know Nico Pitney is here from the Huffington Post," Obama started. "I know that there may actually be questions from people in Iran who are communicating through the Internet. Do you have a question?"

"That's right," said Pitney, taking the cue. "I wanted to use this opportunity to ask you a question directly from an Iranian."

Milbank nails the analysis:
The use of planted questioners is a no-no at presidential news conferences, because it sends a message to the world -- Iran included -- that the American press isn't as free as advertised. But yesterday wasn't so much a news conference as it was a taping of a new daytime drama, "The Obama Show." Missed yesterday's show? Don't worry: On Wednesday, ABC News will be broadcasting "Good Morning America" from the South Lawn (guest stars: the president and first lady), "World News Tonight" from the Blue Room, and a prime-time feature with Obama from the East Room.