Go-Go Bo-Bama

Posted: Apr 13, 2009 1:32 PM
Yesterday, President Obama went to church – not one he actually belongs to, but one he attended just for the day. Then he delivered a puppy to his two daughters – Bo, a Portugese water dog. Today, he’s hosting the Easter Egg roll with pop star Fergie; last Thursday, there was the White House garden event with DC school kids; last month, there was the swing set, and now, the only thing we’re missing is a campfire in the Oval Office with a circle of liberals singing “kumbaya.” Meanwhile, Obama’s approval ratings are sky-high – reportedly because the large swath of independent moderates think of him so fondly.

What’s the logical conclusion? All this showmanship is paying off. Dogs running around swing sets with easter eggs nestled among a vegetable patch are way better than having a dog that bites people and your most noticeable schtick as being a stuttering word-inventor. I’m confident that Obama’s policies will fail, but so far, he’s putting on a fantastic act, and those who care more about image than politics are gobbling it up.

As Carol Platt Leibau points out, Obama is very much aware of the public eye - even if it comes naturally to him, he certainly cultivates it. It's easy to see how his PR moves are part of a committed strategy to increase his visibility just as much as they serve to accomplish his objectives. Fortunately for him, those two objectives go hand in hand.