Embryo Adoption in GA

Posted: Apr 06, 2009 11:41 AM

Frozen embryos sitting in freezer vaults might now be adopted instead of simply donated. The distinction is important, says House Rep. James Mills, the author of the bill, because "Gametes, cars, old clothes and other property are 'donated…not children ... they are adopted."  I agree: why speak about the conception of human life as just one more thing to be owned by another?

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the legislation does not make it clear as to whether or not the embryo is actually a person, but it’s still an important step towards the types of wording that we need to see in future legislation regarding the unborn. The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center reports that there are over 500,000 frozen embryos in centers around the country: that leaves room for a lot of justice.