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I Like This Guy

He's down to earth and direct. He's got that fatherly rapport. He's personable and charming, but not too smooth; instead, he's an easygoing straight-talker, and not even slightly self-aggrandized. In short, he's refreshing.

I'm talking about California State Rep. Van Tran, who is [potentially / hopefully / probably] running for California's 47th Congressional seat, taking on Blue Dog Rep. Loretta Sanchez. The race isn't until 2010, but it can't hurt to get excited about it now -- the district has a distinct possibility of going back into the hands of Republicans, and Tran may be the one to do it. He's got a record of cutting spending, being tough on crime, and was selected by the Orange Register in 2001 as a "person to watch." Originally from South Korea, Tran is the original American Dream; he can use that to his advantage in a district that is 17.8% white, 13.9% Asian, and 65.3% Hispanic.

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