Democrats’ Hopes of Capturing the House Are Fading Fast

Posted: Nov 04, 2016 11:30 AM
Democrats’ Hopes of Capturing the House Are Fading Fast

The idea of Democrats gaining 30 House seats and winning back control of the lower chamber were never high.

Their dreams did perk in the aftermath of the unearthed 2005 Trump tape. Many top surrogates insisted the feat was possible amid a potential Clinton electoral landslide. Liberal outfits such as the Daily Kos attempted to forecast an unlikely congressional breakdown on Democrats' path to victory.

Down-ballot consequences go a long away with presidential candidates and Clinton’s reemergence on the FBI’s radar has shattered the wishful thinking of Democrats who felt the House was within their grasp.

Here is Roll Call’s latest Republican shift of major House races in play.

Michigan’s 7th District (Tim Walberg, R) from Leans Republican to Republican Favored.

New York’s 1st District (Lee Zeldin, R) from Tilts Republican to Leans Republican

New York’s 24th District (John Katko, R) from Leans Republican to Republican Favored

Virginia’s 5th District (Open; Robert Hurt, R) from Leans Republican to Republican Favored

Wisconsin’s 8th District (Open; Reid Ribble, R) from Leans Republican to Republican Favored

According to their analysis, Democrats are poised to win eight to 13 seats on Election Day – not even half the amount required to flip House control.

There are, however, longtime Congressional Republicans facing tougher-than expected races this cycle.

Darrell Issa is receiving the challenge of his career from Democrat Doug Applegate in his California district. Polls show the race within the margin of error. Issa is a favorite boogeyman to many on the left as he served as a prominent attack dog to Obama during his chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee. Liberals have smelled blood and are on the attack.

Remember Sandra Fluke? The woman made famous for wanting you to pay for her birth control? Fluke and other pro-abortionists are working to unseat Issa as payback for him not allowing her to testify before the Oversight Committee in 2012. The race is a hot one to watch.

Barbara Comstock (R) of Virginia and Carlos Curbelo (R) of Miami, Florida are two other high-profile GOP members in the toughest fights of their career.

Perhaps Clinton’s FBI woes will further nosedive the enthusiasm of Democrat voters and throw a lifeline to endangered Republicans in the process. Trump's national gain on Clinton can help down-ballot Republicans in every district.