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Pence Promises CPAC On Border Wall: 'Before We’re Done, We’re Going to Build It All'

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech to a roaring crowd at CPAC 2019, promising that President Donald Trump isn't done fighting for a border wall, among other things. His wife, Karen Pence, joined him at the event.


“Before we’re done, we’re going to build it all," Pence said. CPAC attendees stood up cheering and chanted "Build that wall."

Pence responded to the patriotic crowd, "oh we’re building it.”

Pence said that the Democrats are trying to stop the president from using national security powers, "that the congress gave him," to secure funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He called for congress to stand with Trump in his decision.

Responses were mixed among the attendees. some applauded while others booed. 

"Stop playing politics with the security of the American people,” Pence said, addressing congress.

Border security wasn't the only subject Pence discussed at the panel. He also laid out the president's successes. These include more American jobs for American workers, making America the largest oil producer the world, raising worker's wages and pushing forward the 2017 tax cuts.

“That’s promises made and promises kept,” Pence said.

Pence also mentioned the Democrats' recent push of policies to provide late-term abortions and prevent medical care for babies that survive the process.  

He promised that the president would continue to take a pro-life stance.The vice president said that Trump signed a law that would allow all 50 states to defund Planned Parenthood.

“This president, this party and this moment will always stand for the unborn,” Pence said.


The Vice President commented on the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all, calling them socialist ideas that would do more harm than good to the nation. He said that "quality healthcare for all" was, "quality healthcare for none" and said that the only thing "green" about the Green New Deal was, "how much green it’s going to cost taxpayers."

Pence condemned socialism in Venezuela and said that Nicolás Maduro was the illegitimate leader of the country.

"Nicolás Maduro must go," Pence said. He also commented on the recent Vietnam summit Trump went to with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. The vice president defended Trump's decision to walk out of the meeting when no satisfactory deal was made on denuclearization.

“Sometimes you have to walk,” Pence said referencing Trump's statement.

Pence said that the United States will continue to seek peace relations with North Korea, but made clear that Trump is looking for a deal that will end the nuclear threat from the other nation.

“President Trump will continue to stand firm," he said.

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