Pelosi: GOP Needs 'Lesson on the Birds and the Bees'

Posted: Jul 18, 2013 2:00 PM
Pelosi: GOP Needs 'Lesson on the Birds and the Bees'

Just because conservatives support the right to life, does not mean we don’t understand “the birds and the bees”!! Nancy Pelosi said these comments in an interview set to air today when asked about the abortion debate. The question, undoubtedly sparked by recent laws passed in both Texas and North Carolina, got Pelosi a little too excited about attacking Republicans on a point that most Americans support.

In the interview, the former speaker said that the new laws passed in Texas and North Carolina are restricting a woman’s ability to engage in “family planning”.

"What is at risk is the discretion of a woman to make judgments about the size and time, timing of her family," Pelosi told MSNBC. "It's respect for the judgment of women about what is good for them, for their families, their health, which is important to their families."

Pelosi added, "The reality is that people in our country do practice birth control and use contraception."

"I don't know if my colleagues need a lesson on the birds and the bees. I really don't get it," Pelosi said.

Mrs. Pelosi says that these laws will cause abortion clinics to shut down and is worried about women’s health services these clinics provide.

"This is women's health, reproductive part of us is part of our health, and-and, especially young women," the House's top Democrat said. "How can they say that we're not going to be doing contraception or we're not going to be doing family planning? And so people focus on the most extreme cases in terms of terminating a pregnancy."

Nancy Pelosi is so far out of the realm of reality that it is hard to even comprehend what she is trying to say. Republicans are quite aware of how human sexuality works, and let’s be honest, who on earth would want a lesson on sex from Nancy Pelosi? I can just see that conversation now, “don’t worry, if you don’t have safe sex you can always just get a state funded abortion”. Yeah, that’s not really how we should be teaching the birds and the bees.

Get a grip. Republicans are just as knowledgeable of how the birds and the bees work. Is it really so much to ask people to use their brains and practice safe sex? Standing up for the right to life does not mean conservatives have any less awareness of human sexuality. We are not only worried about the potential for life, but also the safety of a potential mother.

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