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Heh: DeSantis Visits California to Troll Newsom, Tour Devastation of Leftist Governance


California Governor Gavin Newsom has been running a shadow presidential campaign for months, building his brand among the party's national base, just in case Democrats decide to throw the incumbent overboard. A core component of his strategy has been to loudly and relentlessly attack red state governors, with a special fixation on Florida's Ron DeSantis -- whom he recently threatened with scurrilous "kidnapping" charges after the DeSantis administration flew consenting illegal immigrants to the capital city of Newsom's self-proclaimed sanctuary state.  He also traveled to Florida to posture about incipient 'authoritarianism,' or whatever, showing up in DeSantis' back yard to troll him.  Trolling is harder when you're so clearly losing the argument, based on people's actions.  What Newsom calls a "Fox News myth" is, unsurprisingly, flat out true:


California has lost population for the first time ever on Newsom's watch, now having shed residents for three straight years. The city he ran, San Francisco, is in awful and deteriorating shape.  This is a pretty brutal and detailed dismantling of the governor's counter-spin:

While it's obvious why Newsom is engaged in attention-seeking behavior, targeting Florida's popular chief executive, I've thought for quite some time that it might benefit DeSantis to lean into the fight a little bit more.  He's got a really strong "scoreboard" response to Newsom's thirsty, partisan sniping -- and the battle allows DeSantis to slug it out against both the current Democratic president and a top Democrat of his own generation.  Showcasing the Florida vs. California comparison is helpful to the broader case for conservative governance (and against "progressive" governance), and it highlights a useful political juxtaposition for DeSantis personally.  This is a high-profile feud that benefits him, if he plays it right.  And it very much looks like DeSantis has decided to engage more heavily and directly on this front.  Last week, he mocked Newsom for effectively running for president, as a back-up plan, without having the courage to actually declare a candidacy and challenge a sputtering incumbent.  The message?  Man up, or shut up:


This week, Team DeSantis is pushing even harder, shining a spotlight on the Sunshine State versus Golden State side-by-side.  Newsom invited this debate.  And now he's got it.  This is going to leave a mark:

And he's also turning the tables on Newsom, visiting California to survey the damage that's been inflicted on a once-great state by failing politicians and policies:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dropped a new campaign video on Monday targeting California and Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom ahead of a two-day visit to the Golden State. The video takes aim at California’s left-wing policies, arguing that they have led to an increase in crime, homelessness, and a net outward migration from the state.  The video’s release comes as DeSantis heads to California to "see first-hand the disastrous results of liberal governance," his campaign said in a statement.  Newsom, who has been speculated to enter the 2024 race for the White House in a direct challenge to President Biden, has pushed back on the notion of California’s dwindling population. 


I'll leave you with another valuable political enemy DeSantis has attracted -- plus, the latest manifestation of the news media despising DeSantis and applying dramatically different standards to conservative women:

Yes, why does Casey DeSantis and her "insular marriage" engender "so much fear," journos?  Do lefty political spouses, or lefty women in general, ever receive this sort of treatment from the 'news' media?      


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