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Crisis: CBP Chief Reveals Shocking 'Got-Away' Numbers at Border Hearing Boycotted By Democrats


Don't let your eyes glaze over.  Don't look away.  Don't let this become "old news."  President Biden's raging border crisis is still a debacle -- and one that he's barely even pretended to care about throughout the first two-plus years of his term.  Now that his "pivot" to the center is underway (on immigration, energy and crime) with an eye toward 2024, don't be fooled.  The results of his intentionally-inflicted policies, which amount to a pro-illegal immigration, open borders regime, have been outrageous.  


At a hearing that House Democrats boycotted yesterday -- having reportedly booked travel and called witnesses before deciding to skip the proceedings, for entirely political reasons, all while crying politics -- the Border Patrol Chief revealed this statistical update:

That's a lowball number, too, as Ortiz testified, due to an unknown number of 'unknown got-aways.'  He estimated the true totals could be 20 percent higher.  We are less than halfway through fiscal year 2023, and number of known got-aways recorded by US officials has already nearly eclipsed the entire (extremely high) number from just two years ago.  Last fiscal year was an unmitigated disaster on got-aways, but the current fiscal year is well on its way to blowing away even that astronomical number.  As we gallop toward one-and-a-half million known got-aways on President Biden's watch, which doesn't include the millions who were caught, proceeded and released into the country (pending court dates far into the future, many of which result in no-shows), please recall that this White House's position has been that the border is "secure."  It's an insulting joke to the rule of law, national sovereignty, and public safety.  Biden's DHS Secretary defined a "secure" border as America exerting "operational control" over the border.  At this week's hearing, the leader of CBP testified under oath that such conditions do not exist:


Chairman Mark Green (R-TN): Does DHS have operational control of our entire border?

CBP Chief Raul Ortiz: No sir.

No wonder decided not to show up.  They also didn't have to hear this, about the Democrat-media 'whipping' smear, led by the president himself:

Border Patrol has reported nearly 155,000 encounters in February, the year's shortest month, in one of the lowest seasons.  That number constitutes the 24th consecutive month -- two full years -- of at least 150,000 encounters, every single month, excluding got-aways.  This happened just a few days ago:


I'll leave you with Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw absolutely lighting up Mexico's president over his anti-Republican, election interference threats:

AMLO would argue that this is America's fault, and that anyone who has a problem with it -- including the deaths of tens of thousands of US citizens -- should shut up.  Otherwise, he promised, he'd fight a propaganda war against the GOP among US Hispanic voters.  Crenshaw told me he plans to file a resolution condemning the Mexican president for his egregious comments.  How will Democrats vote?  Will they even bother to show up?

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