Must Watch: The Truth About the Israel, Hamas, and Civilians

Posted: May 19, 2021 12:45 PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a powerful video earlier in the week, and it's well worth your time. Produced by PragerU, with whom I've collaborated in the past, the clip features a former commander in the British military offering his perspective on Israel's unique military responses to the menace of terroristic attacks launched against civilians by Hamas. This is all accurate, and it dismantles the anti-Israel propaganda being disseminated so widely by so-called "progressives" on social media. 

Please watch and consider sharing: 

Here is real IDF footage demonstrating another method Israel's military uses to clear a building of people before destroying it – saving the lives of both Hamas militants and innocent people (all living or working under the same roof because this is how the terrorists work, by design): 

Assisting in amplifying truth and moral clarity on this matter is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who offered this assessment in a floor speech this week: 

"Hamas unleashed another round of rocket barrages, intentionally targeting civilian areas across Israel. Israel intensified its campaign to, among other specific military objectives, destroy the terrorist group’s underground networks of weapons storage and command-and-control. Last week, Hamas’ rocket attacks took the life of a five-year-old Israeli boy. And because Hamas, in stark violation of the laws of war, intentionally co-locates its terrorist facilities in civilian buildings and neighborhoods, Israeli strikes have regrettably led to civilian casualties in Gaza. No one is glad to see this fighting. But we are already seeing some push the false narrative that this conflict is a tragic dispute between two legitimate combatants where both sides share blame that is roughly equal.  What nonsense. This yields calls for blanket ceasefires, and people wagging their fingers at both sides. This camp apparently includes some of our Senate colleagues. To say that 'both sides' need to de-escalate downplays the responsibility the terrorists have for initiating this conflict in the first place, and suggests Israelis are not entitled to defend themselves against on-going rocket barrages. I completely reject this obscene moral equivalence."

Every word is true and worth hearing. Hamas counts on anti-Semitism, anti-Israel sentiment (often linked), and general leftist bias to help them advance their propaganda. Finally, in case you missed this important look behind the curtain of how that works, read it all: