House Divided: Some Democrats and Liberals Haven't Caught Impeachment Fever

Posted: Sep 25, 2019 9:05 AM
House Divided: Some Democrats and Liberals Haven't Caught Impeachment Fever

More than two-thirds of House Democrats are now in favor of impeachment proceedings against the president -- although it must be pointed out that most of that group had already reached that conclusion prior to the Ukraine matter, which isn't exactly a glowing testament to their seriousness or judgment.  Now that Speaker Pelosi has finally come around to green-light the inquiry, the race is on to set the political narrative.  Polling has shown lopsided opposition to impeachment thus far, but it's unclear if and how the new facts will impact public opinion.  As that battle rages, some Democrats and figures on the Left don't seem to be on board.  For instance, 2020 presidential hopeful Rep. Tulsi Gabbard -- who just qualified for the next Democratic debate, having missed the last one -- is sounding very skeptical of the exercise:

The Hawaii representative said impeachment would intensify "hyperpartisanship" that is "driving our country apart..."I think it's important to beat Donald Trump, that's why I'm running for president," she said. "But I think it's the American people who need to make their voices heard making that decision."

Minnesota moderate Collin Peterson, a Democrat who is clinging on in a district Trump carried handily in 2016, thinks an impeachment process will be divisive and futile:

Meanwhile, resistance hero James Comey, who was recently upbraided by the DOJ Inspector General for misconduct, isn't sounding excited about the newly-announced inquiry:

“As a citizen, I kind of hope [Mr. Trump isn’t impeached] because I think the American people would be let off the hook if Donald Trump were impeached and removed from office,” he told the NBC affiliate in a video posted at its site. “And a lot of his supporters would think some sort of coup had taken place.” Instead, he said, the American people need to “take responsibility” for the situation and “vote next November” to remove him from office.

The woman against whom Comey did not recommend criminal charges in 2016 (wrongly, in my view) disagrees, endorsing the fresh impeachment inquiry into the man who defeated her (perhaps she should sit out debates about corruption).  Elsewhere, a House Democratic freshman who has just recently come around on impeachment is already venting frustration that there doesn't appear to be a coherent plan or path forward from her party's leadership:

Not all Democrats are happy with the current strategy. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.), one of seven vulnerable freshman Democrats who backed impeachment hearings in an op-ed Monday night, blasted the game plan in the caucus meeting. “We came out [for an inquiry] because this is something different. This meeting did not give me confidence that this will be something different,” Slotkin said, according to sources in the room. “If you are asking us to stay on message, give us a goddamn message to stay on.”

I've laid out my thoughts and impressions on this new impeachment adventure, yet I can't help but chuckle at this:

After the Democrat-media alliance's hair-on-fire reaction to all things Trump for two-plus years, with everything reflexively portrayed as outrageous crises and threats to the republic (including the endlessly-hyped and overblown Russia saga)?  Good luck.