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James Comey: Not Vindicated, Not a Victim, Not a Hero

Fired FBI Director James Comey spent the morning spiking the proverbial football over a newly-released Inspector General report concluding that while he did not violate the law by exposing classified material, he did engage in professional misconduct and non-permitted leaking.  Comey, who oozes sneering self-righteousness, is brazenly claiming vindication while lashing out at his critics.  Sadly, this sort of unseemly unprofessionalism is not unexpected at this point:

The little lecture wasn't over:

It's certainly true that some critics went too far in their attacks and conjecture; confidently predicting legal outcomes can often backfire.  But pretending as if the IG findings debunk the notion that he's a leaker is effectively a lie unto itself -- so "liar and a leaker" sounds about right:

An "unauthorized disclosure" is official speak for a leak.  And as the IG points out, Comey's leaking was undertaken to "achieve a personally desired outcome."  A political agenda and/or personal vendetta.  That seems healthy coming from the guy who ran the FBI for years.  Comey surely views his actions as heroic, truth-telling endeavors -- but that's how he seems to view all of his own conduct.  Despite being weary and beleaguered, I shall heroically press on, which is what heroic heroes such as myself do in pursuit of heroism:

Insufferable.  As he omits, glides over and downplays his own demonstrable misconduct, in favor of a self-serving narrative, Comey will undoubtedly cast himself as a guardian of truth and justice.  As he does so, please recall his early and vocal (later rocky) support for Andrew McCabe.  McCabe was fired for repeatedly lying under oath to federal investigators...about leaking.  That firing was spurred by previous findings from the nonpartisan Inspector General, and was recommended by career nonpartisan ethics officials at DOJ.  McCabe, much like Peter Strzok, was not a victim.  Neither is Comey.  In case you missed it, I'll leave you with this:

They're going to hire him soon, aren't they?

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