HOUR BY HOUR: When Might the Biggest Races Get Called Tonight?

Posted: Nov 06, 2018 5:01 PM
HOUR BY HOUR: When Might the Biggest Races Get Called Tonight?

We're one hour away from the very first polls in the country closing, including a key House bellwether in Kentucky.  As Americans watch the results pouring in from coast to coast, when will media outlets start to declare winners?  No one will call anything officially until all polls are closed in a given jurisdiction, but once that happens, results and decisions will begin to go public.  I embedded this handy guide from Daily Kos in an earlier post, but it's worth sharing again:

Here are a few of the times after which certain key statewide races will be eligible for calls, not to mention a slew of important House contests (all Eastern Time):

6pm - Parts of Kentucky and Indiana, including the aforementioned KY-06 contest.

7pm - Indiana Senate, Georgia Governor.

7:30pm - Ohio Governor, West Virginia Senate.

8pm - Connecticut Governor, Florida Senate and Governor, Mississippi Senate (runoff likely), Missouri Senate, New Hampshire Governor, New Jersey Senate, Tennessee Senate.

9pm - Arizona Senate, Michigan Senate, North Dakota Senate, Wisconsin Governor, Kansas Governor, Texas Senate.

10pm - Iowa Governor, Montana Senate, Nevada Senate and Governor.

11pm - All California races.

1am - Alaska Governor and House (at large).

The New York Times has a cool interactive tool HERE.  As of this moment, there is still time to vote in all 50 states.  Here is my case for pulling the lever for Republicans this year, and here are my national predictions.