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A leftover from yesterday, but worth highlighting -- not only because it's important to praise the administration when it does the right thing (I was on full blast in the opposite direction yesterday), but because it also highlights how quickly the news cycle moves.  It seems like it was just a few short days ago that we were all consumed by the nuclear summit in Singapore, in which National Security Adviser John Bolton played a significant role.  That's was just a few short days ago.  But because of this needless debacle, the Kim meeting and its aftermath feels like ancient history.  In any case, here's Bolton adding some well-deserved attaboys for Amb. Haley and Sec. Pompeo, calling their revival of a correct Bush-era policy 'decades in the making:'


Nikki Haley's clarity and leadership continues to impress.  During the segment, Fox flashed this statistic on the screen, which -- unless you're familiar with moral bankruptcy of this particular organization -- is pretty stunning. It speaks for itself, in all its perverse ugliness:

Israel is the world's lone Jewish state.  It operates under the rule of law, conducts free and open elections, and affords rights to women and gays.  Yet this UN body saw fit to issue more than triple the number of condemnations against Israel over ten years than it did against Assad's regime in Syria -- which has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, including with weapons of mass destruction.  And Iran has brutally repressed and killed its own people in the streets, all while pursuing illicit weapons tests while retaining its status as the top state sponsor of terrorism on the globe.  Another damning scorecard:

Yes, that would be this Venezuela.  Oh, and in case you weren't aware, the illegitimate Venezuelan regime is represented on the damn council, along with some other seedy, abusive regimes:


In short, this UN panel is a twisted farce, and the United States has no business lending it any credibility.  US taxpayer dollars should not be wasted propping it up either.  John Bolton watched this den of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism from a front-row seat for years in his previous governmental role; no wonder he's cheering his Trump administration colleagues for pulling the plug.  In case you missed it, I'll leave you with Pompeo and Haley's full statements:

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