Scaramucci: Let's Face It, Trump Probably Wants Sessions Gone. Also, He Shouldn't Fire Mueller

Posted: Jul 25, 2017 8:59 AM

In an interview with nationally-syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt -- broadcasting live from just outside the West Wing this morning -- freshly-minted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci made some significant news on two related fronts.  First, he reacted to the president's public excoriations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which escalated earlier today on Twitter:

Scaramucci responded by conceding the obvious -- this political marriage is effectively over:

Here's the full audio of the exchange.  Scaramucci says that he believes that Trump doesn't want to fire Sessions, but that the status quo has become unsustainable.  Last week, I argued that Sessions could ride this thing out.  Now that Trump has doubled and tripled down on his public criticisms of the Attorney General, staying the course no longer seems operative.  Maybe Sessions could draw a defiant line in the sand, effectively daring Trump to sack him.  My recusal decision was correct.  You want me gone?  Fire me.  Perhaps Trump would respect that power play.  Or perhaps he would oblige his Attorney General's request. Expect movement on that front, one way or the other.  If and when Sessions goes, his replacement would assume ultimate say-so over the Special Counsel's Russia probe -- an issue that would undoubtedly become the top subject of his or her confirmation hearings.  On that investigation, Hugh admonished Scaramucci that firing Mueller would be a giant mistake that would "eclipse" the presidency.  In response, Trump's comms director said that in private discussions, he's counseled his boss not to go down that road:

He also slapped down media speculation about pardons, which Scaramucci attributed to brief, insignificant, internal conversations that didn't go anywhere.  His message was clear: The president did absolutely nothing wrong, and pardons are a complete red herring.  A non-issue.  The Salem Radio Network's national (and some local) programming will emanate live from the White House all day long, until 9pm ET.