Washed-Up Anger-Monger: We Must Never Refer to Trump as 'President'

Posted: Dec 20, 2016 1:20 PM

I know what you're thinking: Keith Olbermann has a show? Well, sort of. After flaming out literally everywhere else he's gone -- often departing in a blaze of drama, having alienated colleagues and torched bridges behind him -- Olby has landed a web show on GQ magazine's online platform. From that prestigious perch, he instructed his followers to resist the Trump presidency by endlessly carping about the irrelevant popular vote, and refusing to call the newly-elected president by his official title. In other words, Olbermann advises, angry leftists should behave like petulant children -- which may not require much of a course alteration for some people. Like Keith Olbermann.Watch below, if you really want to.  Also, they spelled 'affirmed' wrong, but whatever.  This is super serious, you guys:

"Resistance means find a Trump supporter everyday and remind them he lost the popular vote...There is also a passive-aggressive, subtler way to make this point clear. It is like most of the points that finally defeated the Republicans of the Bush era. Those points succeeded not by suddenly knocking down walls, but instead by eroding them as would a river. Not using one word can be just as forceful as perpetually using another. Never address Trump as President. He is Trump. Just Trump. Never president. The title of President, that we must protect for a happier and more honest time. Resistance means refusal. Resist! Peace."

What, no self-important "good night and good luck" rip-off and the end?  Hmm.  He's lost a step, even if his cartoonishly indignant bellowing is still pitch perfect.  Alas, most Americans don't take their cues on decorum (or happiness and honesty, for that matter) from Keith Olbermann, and for good reason.  You may recall that he's the buffoon who screamed "shut the hell up" at the last Republican president, demanding that Bush resign over the unforgivable scandal of...not golfing while Americans were dying in Iraq, or something.  He was also among the cynical vanguard of reflexive race-baiters throughout the 2008 campaign and early Obama years, alleging racism and bigotry around every corner.  Indeed, if a conservative commentator had urged their audience to refuse to confer legitimacy on President Obama by withholding the honorific he'd duly earned, it's likely that Olbermann would have addressed that outrageously outrageous racist "otherizing" snub in a breathless "Special Comment" screed.  Or at least denounce the offending provocateur as the "worst person in the world."  Meanwhile, given his spotless professional track record (he reportedly forced MSNBC subordinates to leave notes on his door, banishing them from speaking to him directly), I've gazed into the future:

Despite the setback, that show will endure for awhile, guided by the steady hand of remaining co-host Kurt Eichenwald -- who has dreamed up a crazy and hilarious explanation for his baseless slander of Donald Trump, which led to his meltdown with Tucker Carlson.