VIDEO: Wisconsin Leftists Lose Their Minds When Electors Vote for Winning Candidate

Posted: Dec 20, 2016 3:50 PM

Our 'Make Schadenfreude Great Again!' file continues to grow thicker, this time courtesy of MSNBC, which broadcast a live feed of incensed Wisconsin leftists shrieking at their state's electors for...casting ballots in accordance with voters' decision. Donald Trump carried the state of Wisconsin by nearly 23,000 votes last month, a margin that increased slightly over the course of a statewide recount demanded by Green Party nominee Jill Stein. As a reminder, the election was not "hacked." Watch as the panel of electors announces that they've done exactly what they were supposed to do, touching off a freakout -- via the Free Beacon:

That one woman puts on quite a show, but the best part has to be the perfunctory, listless chants of "shame" from the others, who sound like they're just going through the outrage motions. In fairness to them, hardcore liberals in the Badger State have suffered through a string of devastating losses since 2010 -- starting with Scott Walker's initial election, followed by the passage of (successful) budget reforms they furiously opposed, two failed recall elections, Walker's 2014 re-re-election, and setbacks at the state Supreme Court (not to mention the total collapse of this horrible witch hunt). In the 2016 cycle, incumbent Senator Ron Johnson defied the polling and kept his job somewhat comfortably, the GOP expanded its massive legislative majorities in Madison, and Donald Trump and Mike Pence became the first Republican ticket to win Wisconsin in more than three decades. It's been a parade of exhausting frustration for leftists in the state, who keep sticking with the same failed antics. You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results, right?  And speaking of tiresome, failing demagoguery, I'll leave you with the latest conniption fit from "Alex Jones for the upscale white Left:"

The self-appointed "reality based community" is really struggling to handle, you know, reality.