Viral Video: Trash Talking Fan Wins Bet, Sinks Putt Seen 'Round the World

Posted: Sep 29, 2016 3:45 PM

Yep, this is my second sports-related post in as many days, but this clip is too fun not to share. Here's some background: The Ryder Cup, a golf tournament in which American and European players compete against each other, is underway in Minnesota -- with national/continental bragging rights on the line. In today's action, English golfer Justin Rose missed a putt, drawing heckles from an American fan, who shouted that he could have made the shot. The European team decided to challenge the man to put his money where he mouth was, wagering $100 that he'd miss it.  The spectator was ushered onto the green, much to the delight and amusement of the crowd. He then lined up his angle, as onlookers grew quiet just before he tapped the ball...and sunk the putt. The crowd went nuts, obviously, and a random red-clad loudmouth won himself a Benjamin. Via international phenom Rory McIlroy, awesome:

An alternate view from the (not so) cheap seats: