Live From Philly: Analyzing the DNC, Trump's Polling Bump

Posted: Jul 26, 2016 4:01 PM

PHILADELPHIA - Via Right Sightings and Fox News, here's my analysis of day one at the DNC, starting with a discussion with Greta Van Susteren and AB Stoddard on the angry dysfunction that marred Monday's early programming -- plus a look at Donald Trump's freshly-minted (albeit razor thin) national polling lead:

And here's my bright and early Fox & Friends hit breaking down the primetime proceedings, with an eye toward the general election dynamics as well:

Stay with The Tipsheet for our full and continuing Townhall team coverage as the Democratic National Convention chugs along here in the City of Brotherly Love.  Before you go, read SE Cupp's strong critique of the week's proceedings thus far.  One key passage:

For all of the Dems who poo-pooed the RNC for its tone and lack of substance — fair criticisms — the DNC so far doesn’t sound all that different. RNC speakers were blasted for obsessively and viciously attacking Hillary — the chants from the crowd of “Lock her up!” were especially unacceptable for squeamish liberals, despite the fact that Clinton could very well have been locked up had the FBI found her handling of classified information criminal instead of just “extremely careless.”... Yet at Hillary’s DNC, Sanders’ supporters chanted the very same thing, not only on the streets outside the convention, but on the convention floor itself. Democrats at the RNC said they were disturbed to see that speakers seemed united only over their hatred of Clinton...When Warren spoke on the main stage, in a key hour, she used most of her time not to sing the praises of Hillary, but to bash Trump. She referred to him more than 20 times in her speech, descending into a nasty character attack and ripping him as “a man who has never sacrificed anything for anyone: and a “man who cares only for himself, every minute of every day.” She talked about his “stupid wall” and his “hate-filled America.” This is high-minded? This is substance?

Cupp also points out that after criticizing Republicans for "politicizing" and "exploiting" the Benghazi attacks with an impassioned speech from Patricia Smith, Democrats will showcase a group of mothers who lost loved ones to gun violence and police killings on the primetime stage tonight. Will the media wring its hands endlessly over that, too? Read the whole thing.