Dems in Disarray: Delegates Boo Bernie, Chant 'Lock Her Up!'

Posted: Jul 25, 2016 3:01 PM

When RNC delegates chanted "lock her up!" in Cleveland, many in the media clutched at their pearls, scandalized. This is unprecedented demonization, they lamented, willfully forgetting quite a lot of demonization. While I myself became a bit queasy when that particular chant was shouted in response to anti-Clinton criticisms that were not related to her national security-endangering criminal conduct, about which she continues to habitually lie, much of the commentariat's fainting-couch routine engendered deserved eye rolling.  And now we have this, in Philadelphia:

Just some random protesters and agitators? Nope, elected delegates, too:

Angered by email leaks showing Democratic National Committee favoritism toward Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders delegates chanted "Lock her up!" at the California delegation's breakfast on Monday. The scheduled agenda of the delegation's first breakfast of the week was overrun by hundreds of Sanders supporters, angered by their party's bias towards Hilary Clinton, as proved by the recent e-mail leaks. As California Secretary of State Alex Padilla spoke, the crowd chanted "You got served!" and "Count the votes!" until his speech was nearly inaudible. As House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi spoke, much of her speech was drowned out with chants of "Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!" and "Lock her up!"

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton is more of a bipartisan uniter than anyone expected. This comes on the heels of resigning DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz being booed lustily by the Florida delegation, prompting her to abandon the plan to appear on the convention's main stage:

In fairness, Debbie's always been a little slow on the uptake.  Nancy Pelosi was also jeered at her own party's convention.  Last but not least, here is Bernie Sanders himself getting loudly booed while urging his supporters and delegates to rally behind the Clinton/Kaine ticket.  Feel the unity.  Feel it:

Parting Thoughts: (1) Does Hillary get booed at her own acceptance speech? (2)  How's this for a bumper sticker?

"Hillary 2016: Because not everyone agrees she should be in jail!"